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    My life as a feminist submissive

    Johnathan R. Razorback

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    My life as a feminist submissive

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    "A major lesson of feminism for me is to take the time and investigate how society's gendered expectations have molded you as a person. In my case, I resisted submission because I saw it as a rigid gender dichotomy that would deprive me of agency and make me helpless and weak. Instead it's made me a more emotionally aware and confident woman. I am actively negotiating the terms of my relationship based on my wants and needs. Also, my D/s relationship is very sex-positive in that we're actively working to help me get over my body hang-ups and to build my confidence to realize my sexual fantasies.

    What made me so anxious in the beginning was thinking about the classic feminist slogan "The personal is political." When I was sitting at my Dom's feet, did that mean that I was making a political statement about the blanket inequality of women vis-à-vis men? When he called me his slut, did that mean he didn't respect me as his intellectual equal? When he makes me orgasm by saying he owns me, am I insulting the memory of all of the feminists who fought for my political rights? Then I realized how ridiculous that was. Choosing to relate as a submissive does not take away from the fact that I am in all ways my Dom's equal; we both need to consent and participate in order to play with power dynamics like we do.

    « La racine de toute doctrine erronée se trouve dans une erreur philosophique. [...] Le rôle des penseurs vrais, mais aussi une tâche de tout homme libre, est de comprendre les possibles conséquences de chaque principe ou idée, de chaque décision avant qu'elle se change en action, afin d'exclure aussi bien ses conséquences nuisibles que la possibilité de tromperie. » -Jacob Sher, Avertissement contre le socialisme, Introduction à « Tableaux de l'avenir social-démocrate » d'Eugen Richter, avril 1998.

    "La vraie volupté est remportée comme une victoire sur la tristesse [...] Il n’y a pas de grands voluptueux sans une certaine mélancolie, pas de mélancoliques qui ne soient des voluptueux trahis." -Albert Thibaudet, La vie de Maurice Barrès, in Trente ans de vie française, volume 2, Éditions de la Nouvelle Revue Française, 1919, 312 pages, p.40.

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