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    Anton Lavey, La Bible satanique

    Message par Johnathan R. Razorback le Mer 12 Avr - 17:42

    « I break away from all conventions that do not lead to my earthly success and happiness. »

    « No creed must be accepted upon authority of a "divine" nature. Religions must be put to the question. No moral dogma must be taken for granted - no standard of measurement deified. There is nothing inherently sacred about moral codes. Like thewooden idols of long ago, they are the work of human hands, and what man has made, man can destroy! »

    « Theories and ideas that may have meant life and hope and freedom for our ancestors may now mean destruction, slavery, and dishonor to us! »

    « Whenever, therefore, a lie has built unto itself a throne, let it be assailed without pity and without regret, for under the domination of an inconvenient falsehood, no one can prosper. »

    « Popular lies have ever been the most potent enemies of personal liberty. There is only one way to deal with them: Cut them out, to the very core, just as cancers. Exterminate them root and branch. Annihilate them, or they will us! »

    « "Love one another" it has been said is the supreme law, but what power made it so? Upon what rational authority does the gospel of love rest? Why should I not hate mine enemies - if I "love" them does that not place me at their mercy? »

    « If humans ceased wholly from preying upon each other, could they continue to exist? »

    « Hate your enemies with a whole heart, and if a man smite you on one cheek, SMASH himon the other!; smite him hip and thigh, for self-preservation is the highest law! »

    « The truth alone has never set anyone free. It is only DOUBT which will bring mental emancipation. »

    « Man has always created his gods, rather than his gods creating him. »

    « If we hope and pray for something to come about, we will not act in a positive way which will make it happen. The Satanist, realizing that anything he gets is of his own doing, takes command of the situation instead of praying to God for it to happen. Positive thinking and positive action add up to results. »

    « THE seven deadly sins of the Christian Church are: greed, pride, envy, anger, gluttony, lust, and sloth. Satanism advocates indulging in each of these "sins" as they all lead to physical, mental, or emotional gratification. »

    « Satanism advocates practicing a modified form of the Golden Rule. Our interpretation of this rule is: "Do unto others as they do unto you"; because if you "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you," and they, in turn, treat you badly, it goes against human nature to continue to treat them with consideration. You should do unto others as you would have them do unto you, but if your courtesy is not returned, they should be treated with the wrath they deserve. »

    « Inevitably, the next question asked is: "Granted, you can't call it humanism because humanism is not a religion; but why even have a religion in the first place if all you do is what comes naturally, anyway? Why not just do it?"
    Modern man has come a long way; he has become disenchanted with the nonsensical dogmas of past religions. We are living in an enlightened age. Psychiatry has made great strides in enlightening man about his true personality. We are living in an era of intellectual awareness unlike any the world has ever seen.
    This is all very well and good, BUT - there is one flaw in this new state of awareness. It is one thing to accept something intellectually, but to accept the same thing emotionally is an entirely different matter. The one need that psychiatry cannot fill is man's inherent need for emotionalizing through dogma. Man needs ceremony and ritual, fantasy and enchantment. Psychiatry, despite all the good it has done, has robbed man of wonder and fantasy which religion, in the past, has provided.
    Satanism, realizing the current needs of man, fills the large grey void between religion and psychiatry. The Satanic philosophy combines the fundamentals of psychology and good, honest emotionalizing, or dogma. It provides man with his much needed fantasy. There is nothing wrong with dogma, providing it is not based on ideas and actions which go completely against human nature. »

    « We are tired of denying ourselves the pleasures of life which we deserve. Today, as always, man needs to enjoy himself here and now, instead of waiting for his rewards in heaven. So, why not have a religion based on indulgence? Certainly, it is consistent with the nature of the beast. We are no longer supplicating weaklings trembling before an unmerciful "God" who cares not whether we live or die. We are self-respecting, prideful people - we are Satanists! »

    « You cannot love everyone; it is ridiculous to think you can. If you love everyone and everything you lose your natural powers of selection and wind up being a pretty poor judge of character and quality. If anything is used too freely it loses its true meaning. Therefore, the Satanist believes you should love strongly and completely those who deserve your love, but never turn the other cheek to your enemy! »

    « By honestly recognizing and admitting to both the hate and the love he feels, there is no confusing one emotion with the other. Without being able to experience one of these emotions, you cannot fully experience the other. »

    « Satanism does advocate sexual freedom, but only in the true sense of the word. Free love, in the Satanic concept, means exactly that - freedom to either be faithful to one person or to indulge your sexual desires with as many others as you feel is necessary to satisfy your particular needs. »

    « Satanism encourages any form of sexual expression you may desire, so long as it hurts no one else. »

    « Each person must decide for himself what his obligations are to his respective friends, family, and community. Before donating his time and money to those outside his immediate family and close circle of friends, he must decide what he can afford, without depriving those closest to him. When taking these things into consideration he must be certain to include himself among those who mean most to him. He must carefully evaluate the validity of the request and the personality or motives of the person asking it of him.
    It is extremely difficult for a person to learn to say "no" when all his life he has said "yes." But unless he wants to be constantly taken advantage of, he must learn to say "no" when circumstances justify doing so. »

    « People often mistake compulsion for indulgence, but there is a world of difference between the two. A compulsion is never created by indulging, but by not being able to indulge. By making something taboo, it only serves to intensify the desire. Everyone likes to do the things they have been told not to. "Forbidden fruits are sweetest."
    […]In other words, indulgence implies choice, whereas compulsion indicates the lack of choice. »

    « From every set of principles (be it religious, political, or philosophical), some good can be extracted. »

    « History shows that men who have given their own lives in pursuit of an ideal have been deified for their martyrdom. Religionists and political leaders have been very crafty in laying their plans. By holding the martyr up as a shining example to his fellow men, they eliminate the common sense reaction that willful self-destruction goes against all animal logic. To the Satanist, martyrdom and non-personalized heroism is to be associated not with integrity, but with stupidity. This, of course, does not apply to the situations which involve the safety of a loved one. But to give one's own life for something as impersonal as a political or religious issue is the ultimate in masochism.
    Life is the one great indulgence; death the one great abstinence. To a person who is satisfied with his earthly existence, life is like a party; and no one likes to leave a good party. By thesame token, if a person is enjoying himself here on earth he will not so readily give up this life for the promise of an afterlife about which he knows nothing. »

    « It is interesting to note that the areas in which this type of belief flourishes are those where material gains are not easily obtainable. For this reason the predominant religious belief must be one which commends its followers for their rejection of material things and their avoidance of the use of labels which attaches a certain amount of importance to material gains. In this way the people can be pacified into accepting their lot, no matter how small it may be. »

    « Religionists have kept their followers in line by suppressing their egos. By making their followers feel inferior, the awesomeness of their god is insured. Satanism encourages its members to develop a good strong ego because it gives them the self-respect necessary for a vital existence in this life. »

    « Young children are to be admired for their driving enthusiasm for life. This is exemplified by the small child who refuses to go to bed when there is something exciting going on, and when once put to bed, will sneak down the stairs to peek through the curtain and watch. It is this child-like vitality that will allow the Satanist to peek through the curtain of darkness and death and remain earthbound.
    Self-sacrifice is not encouraged by the Satanic religion. Therefore, unless death comes as an indulgence because of extreme circumstances which make the termination of life a welcome relief from the unendurable earthly existence, suicide is frowned upon by the Satanic religion.
    Religious martyrs have taken their own lives, not because life was intolerable for them, but to use their supreme sacrifice as a tool to further the religious belief. We must assume, then, that suicide, if done for the sake of the church, is condoned and even encouraged - even though their scriptures label it a sin - because religious martyrs of the past have always been deified.
    It is rather curious that the only time suicide is considered sinful by other religions is when it comes as an indulgence. »

    « Every man is a god if he chooses to recognize himself as one. So, the Satanist celebrates his own birthday as the most important holiday of the year. »

    « In the secretthoughts of each man and woman, still motivated by sound and unclouded minds, resides the potential of the Satanist, as always has been. »

    « What is pleasure to one, is pain to another, and the same applies to "good" and "evil". Every practitioner of witchcraft is convinced that he or she is doing the "right" thing. »

    « No one knows everything, and as long as there is wonder, there will always be an apprehension of the unknown, where there are potentially dangerous forces. »

    « A little child learns that if he wishes for something hard enough, it will come true. »

    « In every successful situation, one of the most important ingredients is the proper timing. »

    « Children, not knowing or caring if they possess artistic skill or other creative talents, pursue their goals through the use of imagery of their own manufacture, whereas "civilized" adults are much more critical of their own creative efforts. This is why a "primitive" magician can utilize a mud doll or crude drawing to successful advantage in his magical ceremonies. To HIM, the image is as accurate as needs be.
    Anything which serves to intensify the emotions during a ritual will contribute to its success.
    Any drawing, painting, sculpture, writing, photograph, article of clothing, scent, sound, music, tableau, or contrived situation that can be incorporated into the ceremony will serve the sorcerer well.
    Imagery is a constant reminder, an intellect-saving device, a working substitute for the real thing. Imagery can be manipulated, set up, modified, and created, all according to the will of the magician, and the very blueprint that is created by imagery becomes the formula which leads to reality.
    If you wish to enjoy sexual pleasures with the one of your choice, you must create the situation you desire on paper, canvas, by the written word, etc., in as overstated a way as possible, as an integral part of the ceremony.
    If you have material desires, you must gaze upon images of them - surround yourself with the smells and sounds conducive to them - create a lodestone which will attract the situation or thing that you wish!
    To insure the destruction of an enemy, you must destroy them by proxy! They must be shot, stabbed, sickened, burned, smashed, drowned, or rent in the most vividly convincing manner! It is easy to see why the religions of the right-hand path frown upon the creation of "graven images". The imagery used by the sorcerer is a working mechanism for material reality, which is totally opposed to esoteric spirituality. »
    -Anton Lavey, The Satanic Bible.

    « Satan est sans doute le meilleur allié que l’Eglise n’ait jamais eu, car il l'a maintenue aux affaires durant toutes ces années. La fausse doctrine de l'Enfer et du Diable a permis aux Eglises Protestante et Catholique de prospérer bien trop longtemps. Sans diable à accuser, les religieux du chemin de la main droite n'auraient aucun argument avec lequel menacer leurs disciples. "Satan vous pousse à la tentation", "Satan est le prince du mal", "Satan est malsain, cruel", préviennent-ils."Si vous cédez aux tentations du Diable, vous endurerez la damnation éternelle et brûlerez en Enfer. »

    « Avant que le christianisme ne lui donne les noms de Satan, Lucifer,etc .... Le côté charnel de la nature humaine était gouverné par des dieux appelés Dionysos, ou Pan, que les Grecs représentaient sous les traits de satyres ou de faunes. Pan était à l'origine un dieu bienveillant, et symbolisait la fertilité et la fécondité. »

    « On ne peut pas aimer tout le monde. Il est ridicule de l'envisager. Si vous aimez tout le monde et toute chose, vous perdez votre capacité naturelle d'exercer un choix et finisser par être un piètre juge des personnes et des qualités. Si l'on abuse d'une chose, elle perd son véritable sens. Ainsi, le Sataniste croit que vous devriez aimer fortement et complètement ceux qui méritent votre amour, mais sans jamais tendre l'autre joue à votre ennemi ! »

    « Le Satanisme est perçu comme synonyme de cruauté et de brutalité. C'est uniquement parce que les gens ont peur de voir la vérité en face - et la vérité est que les êtres humains ne sont pas tous innofensifs ni tous aimants. Parce qu'il est à la fois capable d'amour et de haine, le Sataniste est considéré comme détestable. Au contraire, parce qu'il est capable de libérer sa haine à travers une expression rituelle, il est bien davantage capable d'amour - l'amour le plus profond. En reconnaissant et admettant honnêtement l'amour et la haine qu'il ressent, il ne confond pas les deux sentiments. Si l’on n’est pas capable de ressentir l'un de ces sentiments, on ne connaîtra jamais pleinement l'autre. »

    « Un Sataniste sait qu'il n'y a rien de mal à être avare, car cela ne signifie rien d'autre qu'il veut davantage que ce qu'il possède déjà. L'envie consiste à regarder avec appréciation les possessions des autres et à désirer en obtenir d'identiques pour soi-même. L'envie et l'avarice sont les forces motrices de l'ambition  - et sans ambition, aucune chose d'importance ne serait accomplie.
    La gourmandise est simplement le fait de manger plus qu'il n'est nécessaire pour se maintenir en vie. Lorsqu'on s'est empiffré jusqu'à devenir obèse, un autre péché  - l'orgueil - sera une motivation pour recouvrer une apparence qui renouvellera votre amour-propre.
    Quiconque achète un vétement dans un but autre que de couvrir son corps et de le protéger des éléments est coupable d'orgueil. (...) Il n'y a pas une seule personne qui soit dénué d'ornementation.
    Être peu disposé à se lever le matin, c'est être coupable de paresse, et si vous restez alité assez longtemps, vous vous retrouverez en train de comettre un autre péché, la luxure. Ressentir le moindre désir sexuel, c'est être coupable de luxure. Pour assurer la perpétuation de l'humanité, la nature a fait de la luxure le deuxième instinct le plus puissant - le premier étant l'auto-conservation. En comprenant cela, l'Eglise a fait de la fornication le "Péché Originel". De cette facon, ils se sont assurés que personne n'échapperait au péché. Votre existence même est le résultat d'un péché - lé péché Originel !
    Le plus puissant instinct de toute créature vivante est l'auto-conservation, qui nous amène au dernier des sept péchés mortels : la colère. N'est-ce pas notre instinct d'auto-conservation qui est éveillé lorsque quelqu'un nous blesse, lorsque nous nous mettons suffisamment en colère  pour nous protéger des agressions à venir ? Un Sataniste applique la devise suivante : Si un homme te frappe sur une joue, frappe-le sur l'autre joue ! Aucune agression ne doit rester sans riposte. Soyez comme un lion sur le chemin - soyez dangereux même dans la défaite !
    -Anton Lavey, La Bible satanique.

    « La racine de toute doctrine erronée se trouve dans une erreur philosophique. [...] Le rôle des penseurs vrais, mais aussi une tâche de tout homme libre, est de comprendre les possibles conséquences de chaque principe ou idée, de chaque décision avant qu'elle se change en action, afin d'exclure aussi bien ses conséquences nuisibles que la possibilité de tromperie. » -Jacob Sher, Avertissement contre le socialisme, Introduction à « Tableaux de l'avenir social-démocrate » d'Eugen Richter, avril 1998.

    "Il y a, de nos jours, beaucoup de gens qui s'accommodent très aisément de cette espèce de compromis entre le despotisme administratif et la souveraineté du peuple, et qui pensent avoir assez garanti la liberté des individus, quand c'est au pouvoir national qu'ils la livrent. Cela ne me suffit point." -Alexis de Tocqueville, De la Démocratie en Amérique, vol II, Quatrième Partie : Chapitre VI, 1840.

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