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    John "Walking" Stewart, The Apocalypse of Nature

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    John "Walking" Stewart, The Apocalypse of Nature

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    "All things that make an impression upon the senses of animated matter, contain in themselves a power or propensity to motion, which power is augmented or varied by the different combinations of bodies.

    Matter, which in its dissolution, separates, can never be annihilated, and though it may disperse into an infinity of small particles, which, making no impression upon the gross organs of sense, may disappear, yet must continue to be in the great mass of existence; to which, as it is impossible to suppose a beginning, it is also impossible to suppose an end, and it may, therefore, be called eternal

    "Nature, which is formed by matter alone."

    «You'll have to think harder than you've ever done before, because you will be on your own -relying on your own judgment and the logic of the arguments you hear or consider, rejecting all authorities and all bromides, and taking nothing on faith. »  
    -Ayn Rand.

    «Il faut savoir accepter certains maux, dans la mesure où la tentative de les faire disparaître engendrerait des maux plus grands encore
    -Aristide Renou.

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