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    Adam Mossoff, Why Intellectual Property Rights? A Lockean Justification

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    Adam Mossoff, Why Intellectual Property Rights? A Lockean Justification

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    "Today, the dominant justification for intellectual property (IP) rights is a broadly framed utilitarian theory.[1] But this was not always the case, and nor should it be."

    "Lockean property theory is that it recognizes that IP rights are fundamentally the same as all property rights in all types of assets—from personal goods to water to land to air to inventions to books. These and many other type of goods are the byproduct of an individual’s value-creating, productive labor that creates them, acquires them, transforms and uses them, and ultimately disposes of them in voluntary transactions with other people in civil society. This is why Locke himself expressly recognizes that copyright is property."

    "In an essay on the statutory printing monopoly granted to the Stationers Company by Parliament, Locke condemns such monopolies as violating the “property” in creative works that “authors” rightly claim for themselves.[11] In what might be a further surprising claim for many today who think copyright terms are too long, Locke writes in this 1695 essay that authors should have their property rights secured to them for their lifetimes or after first publication plus “50 or 70 years.”."

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