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    Victor Leontovitsch, The History of Liberalism in Russia

    Johnathan R. Razorback

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    Victor Leontovitsch, The History of Liberalism in Russia

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    "The fundamental idea of liberalism -as the name itself indicates- is to make freedom, the freedom of the individual, a reality. Liberalism's basic approach is not creation, but negation, that is, the elimination of all that threatens the survival of individual freedom and impedes its development. It is precisely because of this approach that liberalism, compared to other programs, finds it difficult to attract supports."

    "Social structures or institutions can only be valued insofar as they can be justified from the point of view of the interests and rights of the individual and help the individual subject to achieve his aims."

    "Civil society based on private property can be regarded as the foundation of civilization."

    "Socialism [is] a bureaucratization of society."
    -Victor Leontovitsch, The History of Liberalism in Russia, 2012.

    «You'll have to think harder than you've ever done before, because you will be on your own -relying on your own judgment and the logic of the arguments you hear or consider, rejecting all authorities and all bromides, and taking nothing on faith. »  
    -Ayn Rand.

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