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    Colette Guillaumin, Racism, Sexism, Power and Ideology

    Johnathan R. Razorback

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    Colette Guillaumin, Racism, Sexism, Power and Ideology

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    "The categories of "race" and "sex" are constructed in the context of specific social relations which produce distinct groups as one furnishes labour and the other benefits from it. Arbitrary signs are then used to identifu these socially constituted groups, in the case, coulour of skin and sexual anatomy. The processes of sexualization and racialization then function so as to allocate humans within specific social categories and positions. Thus, these categories are constructs ; but, as we will now see, they are also, in a certain way, real.
    Guillaumin argues that, paradoxically, "race" exists and does not exist ; although an imaginary formation and an ideological construct, it is real, a brutal and tangible reality. Both "race" and "sex" are empirically effective categories ; they are political realities which also enter into legislation. Since they are operative, since they function to exploit and to kill, she suggests that they be kept and not to be eradicated from our critical vocabulary. To ban these terms can unfortunately serve to hide the Relationship which gives birth to them, and it will certainly not bring about the eradication of racism and sexism. In other words, if one could eliminate the notions, it would only serve to mask the presence of the social relations of domination which produced them. On the other hand, changes in social relations themselves do bring about changes in the ideological-discursive level, which leads to the greater rigidity found in the discourse about sexual categories. The latter have not undergone the same transformation, deconstruction and displacement as gave racial categories, entre autres, because they are still seen as inevitable
    To argue that "race" and "sex" constitute empirically valid categories and should be maintained in our critical vocabulary does not mean that they are rooted in Nature.

    "Guillaumin helps us discover that "sex" is not a given, it is not un fait de nature ; her analysis makes visible the processes leading to the naturalization of sex."

    « La racine de toute doctrine erronée se trouve dans une erreur philosophique. [...] Le rôle des penseurs vrais, mais aussi une tâche de tout homme libre, est de comprendre les possibles conséquences de chaque principe ou idée, de chaque décision avant qu'elle se change en action, afin d'exclure aussi bien ses conséquences nuisibles que la possibilité de tromperie. » -Jacob Sher, Avertissement contre le socialisme, Introduction à « Tableaux de l'avenir social-démocrate » d'Eugen Richter, avril 1998.

    "La vraie volupté est remportée comme une victoire sur la tristesse [...] Il n’y a pas de grands voluptueux sans une certaine mélancolie, pas de mélancoliques qui ne soient des voluptueux trahis." -Albert Thibaudet, La vie de Maurice Barrès, in Trente ans de vie française, volume 2, Éditions de la Nouvelle Revue Française, 1919, 312 pages, p.40.

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